Did You Know These Professional House Painting Secrets?

February 6, 2024

professional house painting

The space seems clean and fresh after a new coat of paint. Aside from paint and deft brushwork, there are several more professional house painting factors to consider while aiming for that effect. Expert painters near you have a wealth of institutional knowledge about the style they’re going for and know how to accomplish it with a myriad of little details. These minor things don’t register with them because they’re so used to it. Some of this information could be impossible to glean from their responses. Their intention is not to be elusive. No. Because these things are second nature to them, they may not even realize you asked.

Painting a space properly and learning how to avoid making expensive blunders are obviously the first steps. However, if you want to know the little professional house painting tricks that elevate a decent paint job to an exceptional one, the best way to do it is to watch other painters near your work, remain out of their way, and ask them kind (and modest) questions.

Caution When Handling Paint Cans

Whether you’re packing up for the day or putting paint cans away for the night, be sure to seal the lids. After you gently brush off any extra paint from the lid rim, you may proceed to the next step.

  • Place a damp towel over the top and push down hard with the heel of your palm to secure it. Quite often, this is sufficient to close the can.
  • Use a tiny hammer to pound gently around the circle of the lid if the can won’t seal when you push it down with your hand. To avoid damaging the rim, a plastic mallet is preferable.
  • While you do this, be sure to always keep the cloth in place. The hammer tap won’t spatter or leak as much paint if you use it.

Get a Range of Painter Pole Lengths

Reach is essential for painting and is our next professional house painting secret. You may enhance your productivity and safety by avoiding ladders as much as possible using this. This task calls for paint poles of varied lengths and degrees of rigidity. On top, you’ll find a heavy-duty painter pole that can be extended from 4 feet to around 8 feet in length. What follows is a standard broom handle, and what follows that is a 2-foot-long steel broom handle that a professional painting company had chopped down. Closets are a great place to put anything.

Lap Cloths Are Required for Drops

Clothes should never be butted against one another. Remember to overlap all drop cloths and also remember it as one of the most commonly used professional house painting secrets. Experts always aim for a 4-inch overlap when setting down drop cloths. Why? Since you work, be careful not to let the drop cloths come apart since this might expose the flooring to paint drips or even spills. You should not put down any drop cloth until you are certain that all surfaces will be adequately covered.

Drop Cloth Excess

Along the room’s perimeter, you should spread large rectangles of folded drop cloths. In the middle of the room, you can lay a drop cloth over them.

You can use duct tape to secure any creases in the drop cloth that may snag my foot or the ladder’s foot. Every so often, you can roll out the drop cloths and use a leaf blower to get them nice and clean. They might be concealing anything from paint chips to dust. Make note of the distinct piece of advice on that matter.

Keep Hair Dryer Handy

To ensure that the spackling, plaster, or drywall compound has the time to cure before painting, it is recommended by experts under their professional house painting secrets to conduct this job first when a room requires drywall repair. But, there are situations in which you would want to hasten the drying process of drywall compound or spackling. You can whip it out for those few times when you need to dry a patch so that work can continue. Warm the patch by running it gently under the high heat of the dryer; this will speed up the pace at which the water evaporates from the repair compound.

But use caution while blow-drying your hair. You risk cracking the repair material if you dry it too rapidly or for too long.

Dip Brushes Properly

Paintbrushes must be loaded correctly. Avoid tipping the brush and transferring too much paint to one side while leaving the other side underloaded. After dipping the brush, lightly tap it against the container’s side to remove any extra paint. Only practice will teach you the proper amount of paint to load onto the brush. And it varies depending on the paintbrush and the color. Nonetheless, painting inside closets will give you a better idea of this. Practice on hidden areas first, then move on to the more obvious ones.

Sponge Cleaners

A well-protected and neatly trimmed project may be ruined by a twisted brush filament, which leaves an unsightly smear of paint. A tiny, sharp pair of scissors may be used to cut brushes and rollers as needed. Therefore, it’s important to check them carefully.

Protecting The Door Knobs

The need to secure doors and baseboards using painter’s tape is obvious to you. On the other hand, expert painters will also cover each doorknob. What do they do if paint splatters or drips on them? Cover your doorknobs with a little plastic bag. And be sure not to get paint where it shouldn’t be by taping the edge.

Make Sure to Apply Caulk

The caulk gun must be retrieved prior to the painting. Crown molding, window, and door frames, and trim should all have caulk applied. Your wall and trim finishes will seem more polished and well done because of this. It also has the added benefit of reducing your HVAC costs. Make careful caulk before painting, particularly if you choose contrasting trim, to add the advantage of preventing cold air or drafts from seeping into the space.

Jorge’s Painting is the ultimate professional house painting company that can help you paint your house or other places look beautiful and clean. So, without any further delay, call us and make your appointment.

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