What Colors Are Trending? 2024 House Painting Options

February 12, 2024

house painting colors

Whenever we approach a new year, one topic that is sure to be hotly debated is the color trend. The color of the year announcements, which reflect our shared values and provide the groundwork for the future, are primarily responsible for this. Many businesses have already decided on their 2024 house painting colors, and industry analysts are offering their opinions as well. 

Uplifting peach and terracotta tones also stand out this year, establishing a bolder color trend for 2024, reflecting a theme of employing home décor expressively to create joyous and vivid places. 

There’s no question that home wellness will be a major focus in 2024. Numerous paint manufacturers and panting company authorities have seen an uptick in homeowners’ desire to design rooms that are soothing and restorative, providing a welcome refuge from the hectic pace of everyday life. 

Continue reading to get a sense of the dominant house painting colors and themes. The 2024 color trends, which range from calming blues to daring neutrals, will motivate you to give your house and mind a makeover.


Healing and rejuvenation are at the heart of this uplifting blue tint with undertones of grayish sea green. The shade’s strong natural allusions make it calming and soothing, making it ideal for use as an accent or main hue across the house to achieve a balanced and restorative vibe.

An ideal pick for expansive rooms, the hue manages to be both lively and soothing. For a tranquil hangout in the kitchen, use it throughout, or use it as a calming accent color in your bedroom. Evoking sentiments of loyalty, trust, and confidence, this custom pale but vibrant blue house painting color is ready for adventure and full of optimism. Its seemingly conflicting qualities might do double duty: raise our spirits and put us at peace.

The paint company professionals selected a 2024 house painting color palette that includes a muted deep green and a gentle, warm neutral to go along with their color of the year. Radon explains that the brand’s goal was to provide color palette inspiration using colors often seen in nature.

Black Pepper Color

The California-based paint company manufacturer Behr has named Pepper the color of the year for 2024. This hue was created to represent the cozy and inviting qualities of dark colors in the house. It’s a versatile shade of velvety black. 

Homeowners may achieve a sophisticated but friendly and soothing atmosphere with the help of Cracked Pepper’s characteristic exquisite style, which is ideal for places like cozy living room ideas. 

Honey Toned

In 2024, Glidden will be showcasing the house painting color Limitless, a neutral hue with warm honey undertones. By adding a splash of primary color to the house without overpowering the subdued neutrals, the vibrant hue is very adaptable.

Crafted with care to complement a wide range of decor styles, Limitless is equally at home, making a bold statement or providing a soothing background. 

Moody Black

Instead of using milder neutrals as the main hue in interiors, designers will opt for tones of black. We are likely to see more and more of this bold accent color used as the primary hue in smaller kitchens and bathrooms. People in 2024 are increasingly drawn to houses with a moody aesthetic, therefore homeowners are adopting this dark hue. A silky black tone is not just evocative of gloom, but it is also warm, adaptable, and classic.


You could expect to see less conventional uses of pink in more refined tones. The year 2024 will see Pink’s official arrival in the world of modern style. Gone are the days of thinking of it as a feminine hue. The modern iteration is more captivating, with its gentle mauve tones and medium tones tinged with brown.

Green Shades

We foresee a plethora of green hues in 2024, thanks to the environmental movement. You may use green as a neutral foundation color, depending on the shade. In some lighting and when combined with other colors, a really dark forest green can look like black while a light mint color has the ability to appear as white.


Feel free to use Ganache and Chocolate Color in your “all-over” schemes for both modern or traditional settings since they have nice chocolate brown tones. They provide an excellent alternative to white, grey or stone in rooms that are already rich with color. They will create an atmosphere of comfort and elegance anywhere, be it the bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms.

To produce a mesmerizing and subtle tone, complement them with darker browns and blacks. We should stick with the classic, warm whites; if you have decided to be more creative in your interior design, then a brighter contrasting highlight (vivid yellow or blue) will look just right.

Alternatively, it can be seen as a softer alternative to cooler shades such as black, charcoal, or dark blue. In a Chocolate Color background, brighter accents like Marigold or Orange Aurora will contrast better, and you can also use it as an attractive trim color to frame a wall of Arras or Tuscan Red.


Due to its implication of being too violent or challenging, the color red may scare a little in regard to interior design and decoration. But, in relation to its right time and place of usage, it can give a cozy ambiance.

Color by Sherwin-Williams Reds, including fireweed is undoubtedly going to be the trend for 2024. This crimson shade with rust and brown undertones will create a touch of comfort in the mineral earthy modern look. The immense vigor of deep reds makes them suitable for densely populated spaces like kitchens and dining rooms.


Benjamin Moore Silver Chain (BM1472) could be a perfect option if you are looking for a neutral grey shade without any kind of purple, blue, or green hint. It doesn’t matter how the light hits on walls; either way, this color of gray looks like any other gray with only a slight hint of an undertone.

This house painting color combines well with white trim or cabinetry, offering a pleasing contrast that isn’t too bright or dark. This neutral whole-house paint color will pair well with all decor styles.

Have You Decided Your Color?

2024 is colorful, and we hope you will be able to choose what suits you. Pick your favorite house painting color this year and start making yourself comfy in the house. Jorge’s Painting LLC can paint it for you.

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